Medical care for foreigners

Hospital introduction
Hospital introduction
  Beijing DCN orthopedic hospital, founded in 2002, is a secondary specialized hospital focusing on orthopedics, sports medicine, sports rehabilitation and other fields. The building area of the hospital is 14000 square meters, with 170 beds. At present, there are more than 300 on-the-job employees, more than 40 people with senior titles, and nearly 200 medical platform experts; The annual outpatient volume is more than 100000 person visits, and the annual orthopedic surgery is more than 3500 ca...

Department introduction

Department Introduction
Department Introduction
  • Clinical department
  • Medical Technology Department


Treat the patient well


Practice the attitude towards life (fear life, respect life, cherish life), and let the hospital have temperature

Sense of worth:

Help patients recover at the least cost and practice the mission of the hospital to treat patients and save people

Working method:

Encounter a problem, analyze a problem, solve a problem, and form a set of specifications

Service guidelines:

Think in different places


Characteristic diagnosis and treatment
Characteristic diagnosis and treatment


Address:A19 Fushi Road, Haidian District, Beijing